Fogliani's mono and multifilament polyester fabrics are largely used in the screen printing field.

Their perfect dimensional stability and a permanent anti-static finishing facilitate the screen printers' work.

Though maintaining an optimal elasticity, Fogliani’s fabrics are known as the most apt and versatile for every type of serigraphic use, thanks to their particular resistance to traction and abrasion. Their good adherence to emulsion paints and films makes them among the most wanted in the field.

Articles under 34 yarns and over 100 yarns can be produced on demand.

Product types: Nylon technical details

Tessitura Fogliani is not only synonymous with serigraphy and filtration, but with design as well, showing how handcrafted, technical fabrics can become a customized work of art.

Born in 2011, the project is the result of years of research on materials, printing techniques and types of use, as well as on the best way they can match to present our customers with a high quality product with great aesthetic value.

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